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SOA Consulting Services

ISG offers a progressive range of SOA Consulting Services that provide the perfect fit for our clients: the right level of assistance at the right time. In order to ensure success and deliver the best value we first identify how a project alings with the SOA Roadmap, given the current state of the client’s SOA Maturity level. Based on this assessment we propose a phased approach that is optimized for our client’s needs and capabilities.

We have the resources to satisfy a wide range of requirements, from the first steps into SOA to highly advanced solutions.

Move the mouse over one of our SOA Consulting Services to get a quick overview of how we can help:

  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Program Management & Governance
  • Mentoring
  • Architecture Development
  • Implementation: Service Modeling, Design & Coding
  • Service Oriented Integration (SOI) Practice
  • Training

Business and IT Alignment

We can help you formalize a clear vision on how IT provides value through alignment with business demands, achieve consensus on how to employ SOA across a multitude of initiatives, maximizing efficiency and synergy, optimizing organizational structures and technology strategies.

Roadmap Development

The goal of a SOA Roadmap is to optimize the implementation of service based applications across current and planned projects and to guide the evolution of an IT organization through the stages of increasing SOA maturity.

Program Management & Governance

In order to truly benefit from SOA it has to be managed in the context of more than one application or project. We establish a SOA program that will let you capitalize on the promises of SOA by scaling it to en enterprise level.


Our SOA Mentoring offering is structured as a program that let’s you tap into the knowledge and hands-on expertise of our consultants on demand. Whenever you are facing critical decisions in your project or you staff is overloaded and cannot meet project milestones on time, we will be ready to assist you.

Architecture Development

ISG’s SOA Architecture Practice provides your organization with assistance and guidance for the development of an Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is optimized for your particular needs.

Implementation: Service Modeling, Design & Coding

ISG’s SOA Modeling, Design, and Coding practice provides your organization with assistance, guidance and highly skilled development resources for the successful implementation of new business systems – from conception to rollout.

Service Oriented Integration (SOI) Practice

Too often companies end up with silos of services that are too difficult to integrate and manage. We provide a best practice based approach that is rooted in experience with SOI projects, so that you can reap the benefits that SOI promises.


ISG provides comprehensive SOA seminars that have educated thousands of IT professionals in every aspect of SOA standards, technologies, and best practices.

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