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What sets us apart

There never has been a substitute for experience. The challenges of SOA only emphasize this principle. See how we live up to the highest standards of quality with our consulting services: move the mouse over the three pillars of our success.

A-Team Breadth of expertise Lasting value

The A-Team approach

ISG’s company philosophy centers on maximizing the value that we deliver to our clients. The relatively small size of ISG allows us to maintain a very flat hierarchy. There aren’t several layers of decision making – any one of our consultants has direct access to our management.

Furthermore, our teams have been working together for many years and there are no junior level team members, which translates into very low communication overhead. We do not employ teams that rely on the experience of a few senior people and “training on the job” for the rest. As a result, our approach always yields substantial savings to the customer in terms of the number of consultants required for the project, streamlined execution and shortened time to market.

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Breadth of expertise

One pillar of ISG’s value proposition consists of our experience with both the integration of existing systems and the development of new business systems. While we have conducted many projects that focused on either integration or development, we have long proposed that these two disciplines need to be addressed in a synergistic way. New e-Business applications typically cannot operate as standalone entities, but rather require integration with existing systems. At the same time, application integration almost always requires the development of new business logic in order to implement a new business process. This has proven to be true again with SOA, where the emphasis is both on development and integration.

It is quite typical for most projects to crossover into different disciplines of IT, often to a point where the boundaries between application development and integration become less obvious. The recent advances of Service Oriented Architectures have greatly facilitated this approach, and it is now more important than ever to strive for unified architectures. In these cases it is mandatory to be able to draw from a broad experience, and we believe that our company offers a unique combination of skills and expertise based on our long standing involvement and leadership in the industry.

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Delivering lasting value

ISG’s clients are looking for more than a solution to their immediate issues. They don’t want a consulting firm to allocate resources to a project, “fix the problem”, and then leave the client without the proper expertise to maintain and evolve the solutions that have been implemented. Our clients require us to deliver lasting value, i.e. benefits to the IT organization that can be capitalized on beyond the scope of the project. ISG delivers lasting value through our methodology, structured knowledge transfer, and by building reusable assets.

We employ various mechanisms to achieve knowledge transfer, including mentoring services, building competence centers, and through formal seminars that we teach on different IT subjects. Finally, we put strong emphasis on building architectures and frameworks that are not narrowly focused on the immediate project issues, but can rather be reused across multiple projects. This level of reuse is key to achieving the ROI that validates IT projects from a business perspective

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