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Conference 2014

The Connected Enterprise – Cloud, Mobile, and the Internet of Things

Rome, Italy, December 2-3, 2014


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The evolutionary path to a SOA Methodology

Building a successful SOA requires an appropriate development methodology. The major software development project tasks are the same as in traditional projects. They can, for example, be governed by a Rational Unified Process (RUP) approach such that your team does not have to abandon the expertise they have gained in projects that pre-date your migration to SOA.

However, the traditional methodologies need to be extended in order to address the SOA specific issues. A service oriented development methodology must combine Object oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) with Service Oriented Analysis & Design (SOAD), since services and components need to be combined for a complete solution implementation.

We have successfully employed this approach for our clients, and our expertise can help you to migrate your software development methodology into a SOA Development Methodology in a way that is customized to your particular environment.