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Conference 2014

The Connected Enterprise – Cloud, Mobile, and the Internet of Things

Rome, Italy, December 2-3, 2014


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SOA Business Case Development and ROI Modeling

We provide the following services for putting together a solid business case for a SOA initiative:

  • Analyze business processes to determine the potential for service reuse.
  • Recommend changes in business processes in order to increase efficiency.
  • Assess redundancies in the application portfolio and estimate potential savings that can be achieved by reducing the overlap in functionality.
  • Determine what improvements of business process quality can be achieved by centralizing each particular business function in one “service of record”.
  • Apply a proven software ROI model to the proposed SOA based on service reuse factors.
  • Develop a detailed justification for your SOA initiative based on a combination of financial models and "soft" values.
  • Organize the findings and recommendations into a complete SOA Business Case.