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Conference 2014

The Connected Enterprise – Cloud, Mobile, and the Internet of Things

Rome, Italy, December 2-3, 2014


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SOA Integration Consulting - helping you succeed with the migration to SOA

Without a best practices based approach that is rooted in experience with Service Oriented Integration (SOI) projects companies can not reap the benefits that SOI promises. Too often companies end up with silos of services that are too difficult to integrate and manage.

To ensure your SOI is successful in the long term, we offer the following services through our SOA Integration Practice:

  • Define a Service Oriented Integration architecture (SOI) that is based on the principles of SOA and Event Driven Architecture (EDA).
  • Develop a strategy to reduce redundancies and streamline your application portfolio.
  • Restructure legacy applications into modules that can be aligned with the new service model.
  • Build custom adapters for legacy and packaged systems.
  • Analyze legacy systems in order to rationalize and consolidate master data.
  • Select and deploy an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • Develop data transformation logic, routing rules, and orchestration logic / business processes.
  • Design and implement Composite Applications.