International Systems Group, Inc.
Conference 2014

Service Reuse

One key aspect of a SOA Roadmap is to guide the evolution of an IT organization through the stages of increasing reuse maturity. This serves the ultimate trinity of purpose:

  • Reduce project cost.
  • Improve time to market.
  • Better align IT with the business.

We are using a bubble-chart from one of our customer engagements to illustrate service reuse across projects that are part of a SOA:

  • The vertical axis in the chart indicates to what degree a project contributes to the SOA, either by providing reusable services or by enhancing the architecture and the development processes towards increased SOA Maturity.
  • The horizontal axis shows the level of reuse of existing services in a particular project.
  • The size of a bubble is a measure of the cost of that project.
service reuse bubble chart