International Systems Group, Inc.
Conference 2014

Conference Tracks

Track 1: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The cloud has become the foundation for the Connected Enterprise. The first wave of clouds was driven by the profileration of mobile apps, and now the cloud provides the scalability required by the IoT.

Scalability is not only a question of consistent response time - there are many aspects to it: how do we manage the myriad of services, apps, APIs, and physical devices? How do we enable developers to quickly deploy iterations of applications without being bogged down by operational hurdles?

Track 2: Enterprise Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

End users are accustomed to the availability of any personal application they want on their mobile devices – how can they get access to their corporate applications as well?

IT faces a myriad of challenges when enabling support for mobile computing, including the proliferation of different device types, different mobile operating systems, as well as display and data formats.

Track 3: APIs and the Internet of Things


Much of the physical world is becoming an intelligent information system. The Internet of Things is a collection of physical objects that communicate over standard Internet protocols. This has a dramatic effect on healthcare, fleet management, mobile banking, smart city management, usage-based insurance, commodity trading and many others.

Web APIs

Enabling the connected enterprise requires that we make internal business functions available to the world, for example to applications that our business partners implement or to mobile apps built by external developers. Web APIs have become the key design paradigm to connect the extended enterprise.